Damocles Modular Buildings

Damocles Modular Buildings

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Link to the kickstarter:

Here is your ultimate modular building set in a grimdark/steampunk atmosphere.

Choose between thousands of variations to make exactly the building you want.
With flatbed printing for supportless quick, cost effective, and quality printing.

- Full modular no limit system mixing square and triangle (+roof, ground floor, roads, ramp, stairways...)

- Easy build system for mass production.

Main biome Industrial
5000+ walls and ground texture variations. (6500 files)

Civilian biome
Wooden house & Dormitory (allmost 2000 files)

Military biome
Bunker, Watchtower, Baracks & modular battle tanks (300 files)

Bases and trays
Industrial, wooden, pavement (1700 files)

Download the construction guide here